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YSC Pups Celebrate National Dog Day

YSC Pups Celebrate National Dog Day

National Dog Day celebrates dogs of all shapes and sizes. It honors the four-legged best friends who bring comfort during challenging times and joy into our lives every day. Instead of me talking about how incredible the YSC dogs are, I’m going to let them do the talking.

Preston loves showing off his handsome good looks

Hi! I’m Preston. My life changed about 3 years old ago when I rescued my mama and she introduced me to a life filled with sunshine! Now I travel around the country and attend different conferences. I love meeting new people–almost as much as I love dinner time! Follow my adventures on Instagram!


Emoji and Inky enjoying bro time

Hey everyone! I’m Emoji and I’m a blind, deaf, rescue senior, and my brother is a rescued ewok! Collectively we have over 22k Instagram followers, and we help spread the word about adoption and senior rescue! I recently became the VP of Puglicity for Pug Squad and Inky is my security guard. In our spare time, we enjoy testing new recipes to share and hanging out with our insta-famous, rescue friends! I hope you'll say hi on Instagram and Inky likes when he meets new Instagram friends too!


Rosie posing for the camera

Fun Facts About Rosie:
 - Loves napping and chewing on shoelaces and playing in the grass!
I recently discovered my bark and it's the most surprising thing! It works great for getting Mommy's attention.
My mommy says that I learn stuffs every day like new tricks and words!


Rocky the Best Man
Rocky made the perfect Best Dog

Fun Facts about Rocky:
 - My dad and I are the bestest and most perfect best friends! We love to relax and eat!
Cuddling is my most favorite hobby!
Sometimes I get away with sleeping in the biggest house bed with the humans, and when I do, I sleep just like them on my back and use their pillows for my head.
My bark sounds pretty scary, but I swear I'm a big fluffy marshiemallow that wouldn't hurt a fly!
I'm not the most athletic in the family. I can walk about 20 minutes, but it feels like a marathon!


Zuko has perfected his puppy eye looking
Zuko has perfected his puppy eye look.

Fun Facts About Zuko:
 - My mom says I look like a teddy bear.
My favorite activity is nibbling on human ears! They taste so good!


Tex and Phoebes sharing a Starbucks Puppuccino
Tex and Phoebe love sharing a Starbucks Puppuccino

Hey. I’m Phoebe and my annoying sister’s name is Tex, but everyone calls her Tex Mex. Two years ago she came to stay with us as a foster and she’s overstayed her stay by like 1 year, 11 months and 28 days. But she can be fun sometimes. Mom gets mad because we play fight all the time and it usually ends with humps, but it's just teenage angst. UGH parents! Just check out my Instagram and you'll see how weird and annoying my little sis is.


Maggie at the park
Maggie loves being outside with her favorite Frisbee

Fun Facts About Maggie:
 - My favorite thing is to catch my frisbee outside
I love my Mom's job because her work stuff is in our house and sometimes I get to chime in on conference calls.
Mom says I have too much energy for my own good. I don't know what that means, but it doesn't seem true.


Lila and Gigi playing
Lila and Gigi say the big bed is perfect for afternoon play time.

Hi, I'm Gigi and my sister is a baby giant, but we call her Lila. We’re professional singers; I’m the 1st Soprano and Lila is the 2nd Alto. Lila was the runt of her litter and she only has 7 toes on my back paws because her mom bit them off (OUCH!)! I’m super special because it’s very rare for a schnauzer to be solid white! We both love to go swimming in the creek, but I usually go exploring while Gigi stays and plays in the water. My sister is way more into social media than I am, but you should follow along on her adventures!


Drew staying cool on
Drew knows how to stay cool and comfortable

Fun Facts About Drew:
 - I played matchmaker for my mom because I have the same name as my dad. Having the same name makes a great conversation starter.
When it comes to pooping, I prefer to go in the middle of the road. Mom says it’s awkward, but I don’t understand why.
My favorite place is the beach! Wait, did someone say BEACH?! CAN WE GO TO THE BEACH! OMG I LOVE THE BEACH!?! OMG


Not sure how you’re going to celebrate National Dog Day?

 - Donate to the Louisiana State Animal Response Team who is currently aiding the animals and families affected by the historic Louisiana floods
Teach your dog a new trick.
Volunteer at your local shelter. Many shelters need help socializing and walking dogs.
Take your dog to a local park or beach.
Assist an ill or elderly neighbor by walking their dog.
 - Donate blankets, towels, toys and food to animal welfare organization.
Check out some of these National Dog Day ideas!