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YSC Game Changers: Roberta Levy-Schwartz

YSC Game Changers: Roberta Levy-Schwartz

Roberta Levy-Schwartz co-founded the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) in 1998 with two other women who wanted to give voice to issues specific to young breast cancer survivors. She has served on YSC’s Board of Directors and remained an instrumental part of YSC’s dedication to its mission that no young woman faces breast cancer alone. We are honored to present Roberta Levy-Schwartz as one of the YSC Game Changers for co-founding YSC and her continued support.

Roberta Levy-Schwartz - Game Changer

What inspires you in your work to support, empower or educate young women affected by breast cancer?
The young women who are still being diagnosed with breast cancer.

What about your work for young women affected by breast cancer makes you most proud?
I love seeing women and their families get support from each other.  It was what I needed during my treatment and what is still needed today.  The friendships I have made over the years have made my life richer.

What are your hopes for the future, with regard to YSC and young breast cancer survivors?
I always hoped YSC would go out of business due to a cure for breast cancer.  Since that hasn't happened yet, I hope YSC continues to reach young women all over the world to ensure they are not alone. I also hope YSC continues to advocate for more research specific to young women and breast cancer.

What is your message for YSC on its 20th anniversary?
Continue the amazing work that you are doing! Thank you to all the volunteers, the board and the staff that make this happen.

Anything else you'd like to share?
I am now a 21-year survivor who has been lucky enough to have children post-cancer.  I miss my friends who have not had the same opportunity, and I hope that I am living and giving back for them. They are always in my mind.

About YSC and Game Changers
Young Survival Coalition was founded in 1998 by young women diagnosed with breast cancer under age 35.

YSC is made up of people: survivors, co-survivors, volunteers, donors, healthcare providers. Our strength comes from our community. So in our 20th year, we will honor our roots — the people who have helped build YSC into what it is today — and also look forward, recognizing those in our community who are changing the future of breast cancer in young women.

We are highlighting these individuals as Game Changers throughout 2018 and sharing their stories with the world to thank them for their contributions to our community.