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YSC Game Changers: Nikki “Trip” Tripplett

YSC Game Changers: Nikki “Trip” Tripplett

Nikki has taken her role as a State Leader to another level. She advocates for all young women affected by breast cancer, but she brings a voice particularly to black and gay women to ensure they are represented in the breast cancer community. She has worked in conjunction with other Young Survival Coalition volunteers to make Houston one of the best cities for survivors. She helps plan monthly support meetings through YSC's Face 2 Face program. She helped create a 12-week program for survivors to improve their lives after diagnosis that includes a focus on nutrition, exercise and psycho-social support. She formed partnerships with local hospitals, so they not only know about YSC, but are actively working with our volunteers to ensure every young woman diagnosed is connected to support and resources. We are honored to present Nikki “Trip” Tripplett as a YSC Game Changer for her work as a volunteer.

Nikki Tripplett - Game Changer

What inspires you in your work to support, empower or educate young women affected by breast cancer?

My inspiration comes from the fact that cancer does not discriminate! In a world where everything is divided, cancer is killing women equally, and we all must do whatever it takes to save ourselves and our families.

What about your work for young women affected by breast cancer makes you most proud?
I am most proud of my grandmother, who is a 3-time cancer survivor, being able to see me fighting this fight for myself and others. She battled this disease in 1997, and she had to do it alone! No woman should go through this alone.

What are your hopes for the future, with regard to YSC and young breast cancer survivors?
I hope that through our efforts as breast cancer advocates and volunteers for YSC every young woman that encounters this disease knows that there is support. I hope that our efforts in politics and healthcare bring about some changes as to how women are treated. Hopefully, we influence enough change for a cure.  I hope to stop losing friends from cancer!

What is your message for YSC on its 20th anniversary?
My message for YSC on this 20th anniversary is simple: Thank You! Thank you for caring enough about others to you provide this platform of change! Thank you for being there when I was looking for something - anything - to let me know it would be okay and that I could beat this! Thank you for continuing to support me and help me find life after. Thank you for helping me to make sure that My Story, and the Story of so many others are heard and understood!

Anything else you'd like to share?
I am humbled by the honor of the nomination! I love what YSC allows us to become after such a pivotal moment and shift in our lives! I love the opportunity of volunteering, and I plan on doing my part to push for change in our communities. Thank you for the opportunity to Change the Game with YSC!

About YSC and Game Changers
Young Survival Coalition was founded in 1998 by young women diagnosed with breast cancer under age 35.

YSC is made up of people: survivors, co-survivors, volunteers, donors, healthcare providers. Our strength comes from our community. So in our 20th year, we will honor our roots — the people who have helped build YSC into what it is today — and also look forward, recognizing those in our community who are changing the future of breast cancer in young women.

We are highlighting these individuals as Game Changers throughout 2018 and sharing their stories with the world to thank them for their contributions to our community.