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YSC Game Changers: Dr. Susan Love

YSC Game Changers: Dr. Susan Love

Dr. Susan Love is the original game changer for bringing understanding and advocacy to the patient/survivor. Her reputation as an activist includes being one of the founders of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). President Clinton appointed Dr. Love to the National Cancer Advisory Board on which she served from 1998-2004. She is known as a trusted guide to women worldwide through her books and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. The New York Times called her Breast Book “the bible for women with breast cancer.” We are honored to present Dr. Susan Love as a YSC Game Changer for her work as a healthcare provider.

Dr. Love founded the Army of Women®, a creative internet solution that partners women and scientists to accelerate breast cancer research. In October 2012, her foundation launched the Health of Women (HOW) Study, an online cohort study with the goal of identifying the cause of breast cancer. She is also a cancer survivor and brings a patient perspective to the healthcare provider experience.

Susan Love - Game Changer

What inspires you in your work to support, empower or educate young women affected by breast cancer?
I am inspired each and every day by the amazing young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and who go beyond their own diagnosis to work with others to support and participate in research that will help us figure out how to end the disease once and for all.

What about your work for young women affected by breast cancer makes you most proud?
Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s Army of Women is the only initiative of its kind that allows women everywhere, with or without a diagnosis of breast cancer, to hear about ongoing research studies, actively participate in research and ultimately be part of the answer. Our efforts over the past few years have been focused on diversifying the Army so that critical, cutting-edge breast cancer research solutions will benefit all women, everywhere, regardless of race or ethnicity.

What are your hopes for the future, with regard to YSC and young breast cancer survivors?
My hope is that YSC will continue to drive powerful, collaborative research at the front lines -  by connecting researchers directly with volunteers to find answers. I am absolutely confident that this indomitable generation of young survivors will be the generation that ends breast cancer once and for all.

What is your message for YSC on its 20th anniversary?
Congratulations for all that you have achieved in 20 years!  My hope is that in the not-so-near future we can eliminate the need for YSC by completely eliminating breast cancer!

Anything else you'd like to share?
As the breast cancer advocacy movement matures, it is more important than ever that we support collaborative research between scientists and volunteers. Because when we connect volunteers directly with breast cancer researchers, we help scientists solve first hand the most critical breast cancer questions, fast-tracking our understanding of what causes breast cancer and how to end it.

About YSC and Game Changers
Young Survival Coalition was founded in 1998 by young women diagnosed with breast cancer under age 35.

YSC is made up of people: survivors, co-survivors, volunteers, donors, healthcare providers. Our strength comes from our community. So in our 20th year, we will honor our roots — the people who have helped build YSC into what it is today — and also look forward, recognizing those in our community who are changing the future of breast cancer in young women.

We are highlighting these individuals as Game Changers throughout 2018 and sharing their stories with the world to thank them for their contributions to our community.