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YSC Detroit F2F Hosts Survivor Education Event Funded by YES Fund Grant


One beautiful, breezy Sunday in May, I was sitting in my new hair stylist’s chair discussing my hair loss issues. We talked about my breast cancer treatment, which caused baldness,  hair regrowth ... having a baby ... more hair loss ... and restarting Tamoxifen. AGAIN, more, but extreme, hair loss.

I was using a shampoo and conditioner called Nioxin, which was supposed to help clean and stimulate the scalp creating the best environment possible for hair growth. So far, it had been doing an okay job. My stylist told me what I was doing wrong and what I SHOULD be doing for better results.


I had to ask, “Would you have any interest in coming to one of my support group meetings to educate my friends about hair loss as well?” This is often a big topic of discussion at our Face 2 Face (F2F) meetings. It’s bad enough to have to lose your hair once, but to then watch it fall out in clumps DAILY after it all came back in? Really? Enough!

Theresa welcomed my idea with open arms and offered even more: “How about you bring your group into the salon for free scalp treatments (value of $25 each)?”

To turn it into a relaxing and social evening, I applied for a YES Fund Grant to help cover the costs of the event. Applying was an easy process, and, with the help of YSC's Regional Managers, Medha Sutliff and Mollie Toland, we were approved and ready to move forward in no time at all.

Our Nioxin Hair and Scalp Event took place on June 26th at Theresa and Friends Hair and Nail Salon. Each of the 15 women who attended was given a consultation and a picture of their scalp under a microscope. Once they were given the treatment, they were shampooed, styled and then shown their squeaky clean scalp under the microscope again.

Members of the YSC Detroit F2F Network at Theresa and Friends Hair and Nail Salon for a Nioxin hair and scalp event.
Members of the YSC Detroit F2F Network at Theresa and Friends Hair and Nail Salon for a Nioxin hair and scalp event.

What happens with our scalps is like a fingernail, our hair follicles have a cuticle that  needs to be removed to enable new hair growth to proceed. Dead skin cells are washed away with the Nioxin Scalp Treatment to do just that. It’s like micro dermabrasion for the scalp. What’s the main ingredient? Sugar!

The event was a complete and utter success. The happy, tearful look on the faces of my friends leaving the salon with beautifully styled hair and a treatment plan for their hair loss was enough to make my year.

It turns out, I was able to put Theresa and Friends Hair and Nail Salon in contact with the cancer center where I was treated, Van Elslander Cancer Center. Together, they are planning more events for other cancer groups. I’m so thankful there are people are out there who have a desire and drive to help others!

YES Fund Grants

The purpose of the YES (You Are Not Alone Education for Survivors) Fund is to encourage YSC F2F Network members and State Leaders to organize educational events by providing reimbursement for qualifying programs.

These funds can be used for events that not only promote the mission of YSC but also allow survivors a time to network, share resources and receive valuable education. Priority will be given to educational events that follow YSC’s strategic priorities and are specific to the body of knowledge related to research, diagnosis, treatment, education, survivorship and/or other issues related to young women affected by breast cancer.

View the 2013 YES Fund Guidelines and Application (or download in MSWord).