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10 Unique Gift Ideas for Those in Breast Cancer Treatment

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Those in Breast Cancer Treatment

“How can I support you?” “What do you need?” “What can I do to help?”

Are you on the receiving end of these questions but not so sure of how to answer them? Trust us, we understand. With the holidays fast approaching, these questions can come up a lot. Dealing with treatment is already difficult enough, so being asked “what you need” can feel overwhelming.

With the help of the YSC community, we compiled a list of unique holiday gifts for people going through breast cancer treatment.

Use this list to help you with ideas next time someone asks you how they can help. Better yet, go ahead and forward them this article!

1. Comfy Clothes

Being gifted comfy clothes that are NOT pajamas is one stocking stuffer that is at the top of our community’s list. Port friendly zip-up hoodies and shirts are wonderful gifts that can be worn during chemotherapy treatments. They give another meaning to the word “comfy”! Community recommended: Inspired Comforts Chemotherapy Collection

2. Food Delivery Gift Cards

UberEats anyone? Food Delivery gift cards eliminate the need of worrying about what to cook for yourself or for your family. It’s also a great surprise for a loved one if they are helping out with the meals in your household.

3. Handheld, USB-Activated Fans

Hot flashes and early menopause. Need we say more? Community recommended: This tiny rechargeable portable fan.

4. A Bidet Attachment

Bathroom business may not be as easy as it was pre-diagnosis. Bidets can help you feel extra clean while you’re going through treatments. Community recommended: Toto Washlet

5. Protein Shake Mixes

Generally, a person’s diet provides enough protein but while undergoing treatment for cancer, your protein needs may increase. Having a variety of protein shake options can ensure that you get your nutrients. Community recommended: Drink Wholesome

6. House Cleaning Services

Who doesn’t wish for someone to magically appear to clean their home every once in a while? Regularly scheduled house cleaning services are the perfect gift, as cleaning house may not be first on your list of priorities – or even possible during treatment. Community recommended: Molly Maid Gift Certificates

7. Seatbelt Pillows

The ride home from the hospital or trying to find continued relief while in a vehicle as you heal can be challenging. Seatbelt pillows are a thoughtful stocking stuffer that provides a cushioned barrier between tender surgical incisions on the chest and the pressure of a seatbelt after a mastectomy or breast reconstructive surgery. Community recommended: Intimate Rose Post-Surgery Pillow

8. Netflix Gift Card

You’ve heard that Netflix plans to eliminate account password sharing, right? A Netflix gift card will allow you to establish your own account so that you can binge-watch your shows in peace, as you try to relax during your cancer journey - without the added stress of eventually getting “cut off” without notice. Community recommended: Netflix & Chill

9. Cups with Long Straws

Cups with long straws are great gifts that can make grabbing a sip of water much easier if you can’t properly use your arms because you’ve had surgery. Community recommended: Flexible Drinking Straw

10. Noise-Canceling Headphones

– This gift is perfect for drowning out thoughts and external noise as you go through treatment. You can even use them for listening to guided meditations, music or whatever makes you happy. Community recommended: Noise-Cancelling Beats


Not a holiday person? Don’t worry, these also make great year-round gifts - it’s always a good time of the year to give yourself a present!

These amazing recommendations were all sourced from the YSC community. YSC doesn’t endorse nor receives compensation from the products shared above.