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State Leader Shout Out!

State Leader Shout Out!

As an organization that helps support young women affected by breast cancer, we come across people who want to do more. They want to help spread the word that young women can and do get breast cancer.

Many times these are women who found support in what we offer and wish more people knew about the free programs and resources available. That’s why we created the State Leader program - an awesome way for you to assist in spreading awareness and helping others.

State Leaders are volunteer breast cancer advocates who represents YSC in their state. They assist in extending YSC’s mission by providing support to young women in their communities who've been affected by breast cancer and by participating in healthcare provider outreach, education and awareness activities throughout their region.

We’re always looking for new State Leaders in any state, but especially in Oklahoma, Iowa, Vermont, Rhode Island and Delaware.

Right now, I’m happy to report that we have 139 State Leaders in 45 states!

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In the last year alone, we had 62 new State Leaders join the team. They’ve already done amazing work in their local communities and beyond.

A HUGE welcome to our newest State Leaders


I reached out and asked our State Leaders what they found most rewarding about the program:

“I enjoy making connections with new members, sharing my story and offering comfort. Just knowing someone else had gone through what they’re going through is a sign of comfort they needed.”

“Being a catalyst for effecting change.”

“I feel very honored to be part of YSC. Being a State Leader allowed me to feel like I was ‘paying it forward’ to be able to share with others and raise awareness for the organization.”

Being a State Leader may be best summed up by this remark from one of our State Leaders:


A huge thank you to ALL of YSC’s amazing State Leaders. It is because of YOU that we’re able to reach more young women across the US and ensure they’re educated and empowered when facing breast cancer.

Interested in becoming a State Leader? Learn more about qualifications and complete an application today!

State Leader Shout Out!!!