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My Favorite Time of Year – On My Motorcycle with TdP!

My Favorite Time of Year – On My Motorcycle with TdP!

2015-10-09 12.29.35
Jim with Lisa Frank, Founder of Tour de Pink

The first question I get from most people when I say I’m a Motor Marshal for Tour de Pink is not “what is Tour de Pink?” but “what’s a Motor Marshal do?”

Our job starts with safety for the riders. We’re a big presence on our motorcycles, with lights and horns that are more easily noticed than the bicycles. We ride in front, helping the riders cross challenging intersections. We can’t legally stop cars, so we usually tell the riders when it’s safe to cross. This first job isn’t the highlight of our day, standing around in motor gear and all…

We also try to fix what we see going wrong. It could be a flat tire or pesky bike chain. It might be a rider with cramps, or one trying to catch up with friends, and sometimes we help track down a lost rider. We usually carry tubes, pumps and tools, just like the SAG (Support and Gear) Wagons. And we’re always ready to contact the emergency support number for anything beyond our capabilities.

The most fun we have is providing encouragement for the riders. We really appreciate you having your name and hometown on your rider bib, which helps get a conversation started. We want to get to know you and vice versa.

2015-10-11 18.39.44
Be sure to say "hi" to Jim and his motor crew at the inaugural Tour de Pink South ride, which starts today!

We know that many of you have or have had serious heath issues, and we want to help you attack one more day on that bike.

Finishing one long ride can be very rewarding. Finishing a long weekend ride is, well… many of you know that incredible feeling. Beer tastes so good at the end of the last day!

Yes, my favorite time of year is the Tour de Pink weekends, and this year I get three of them. Life just doesn’t get any better!


A huge thank you to Jim and his motor crew for ensuring Tour de Pink riders enjoy a safe ride in support of young women affected by breast cancer.

Interested in meeting Jim and his crew? Join one of our upcoming Tour de Pink rides! Where will 200 miles take you?

Today is the start of the inaugural Tour de Pink South ride! Follow the journey via social media for exciting updates and adventures from April 15 – April 18.

Instagram: YSCTdP
Twitter: @YSCTdP
Facebook: TdPSouth