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Living Well Together: We Are #YSCStrong

Living Well Together: We Are #YSCStrong

For National Women’s Health Week, we’re sharing our favorite resources for your best health. We’ve collected everything from partner promotions to curated wellness content to help you establish a wellness routine right for you, diet and nutrition that works for your body and practices that improve your mental and spiritual wellness.

What is YSC Strong?

YSC Strong isn’t about bikinis after breast cancer or getting six-pack abs. (Our philosophy is more like, “Want a bikini bod? Put a bikini on your body. Now please pass us the dark chocolate.”)

But we also know that breast cancer affects every aspect of our health and wellness. From initial diagnosis to post-treatment, breast cancer takes its toll.

In our new normal, we need a holistic approach that includes mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

This week, we have all the resources you need to decide for yourself what full wellness looks like. We even got some of our favorite partners in on the action. They’re offering special discounts for wellness programs and educational content we’ll feature all week.

Be Strong, Follow Along

Vision RT

YSC Strong partner Vision RT develops market-leading technology for Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT).

So, how do you follow along for the best tips we have about creating your wellness practices?

  • Follow YSC on Facebook and our hashtag #YSCStrong. We’ll be posting our best resources all week. From audio interviews for a long commute to blogs by our experts, you’ll want this information.
  • Sign up for our newsletter. We’ll wrap up National Women’s Health Week with a curated list of wellness resources and the top wellness tips from our community.
  • Check out our partners who are sharing their knowledge and offering special discounts for YSC’s community.

Our culture often mistakes health for a number on a scale. #YSCStrong is about caring for our whole selves with the same love that we give to other people. Nurturing the practices that heal us - body, mind and soul.

Quick Guide to YSC Wellness Resources