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Feeding Those Hungry Riders

TdPIt all starts with two pieces of bread. On one slice of bread, I use my plastic knife to evenly spread on the peanut butter and on the second slice, I apply the jelly.  I carefully place the two pieces of bread together and then cut the sandwich into four semi-perfect triangles and place them on a tray. This routine is repeated over and over and over (well you get the point) during the course of the three days in which Tour de Pink takes place. I make what feels like a million peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey, or just plain peanut butter sandwiches, but the truth is, I would make a million more sandwiches to satisfy the hunger and cravings of the hundreds of cancer survivors and supporters that come out to ride in Tour de Pink.

YSC has put on this amazing event for 12 years now and each year the number of riders and participants greatly increases. For the past three years I have worked for Giant Bicycles. As one of their employees, I’ve had the great fortune of volunteering for this particular event. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect my first time around, but I can honestly say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I could not have been more inspired by the determination and positive attitudes I experienced from these courageous riders.

I have the pleasure of working with one of these courageous riders, Jolie Hershey. Jolie was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2012. And truth be told, you would never know it because her attitude and outlook on life are absolutely amazing. She might not always be leading the pack; heck, she might even take the occasional lift on one of our SAG support trucks (shout-out to SAG 2!) but Jolie ALWAYS has a smile on her face.

There were several occasions throughout the ride where I was thanked repeatedly for volunteering at the rest stops. But it's really the riders that should be thanked for their inspiration and determination to ride 200 miles to bring awareness to breast cancer and support young women who face this disease. This will be my third year volunteering and I honestly could not be more excited!


A huge shout out to Nicole and the other amazing Tour de Pink volunteers who ensure riders are well fed and ready to take on 200 miles in support of young women affected by breast cancer.

Interested in going the distance for YSC? Register now and raise $500 by April 15th and you'll earn an extra $100 fundraising credit towards your fundraising goal! Register today!