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Dustin Brady

Dustin Brady


YSC's 15 Volunteers Making a Difference

Dustin Brady — Volunteer, Tour de Pink West Coast Rider

Display in Honor of Michelle Weiser at Giant Headquarters.
Display in Honor of Michelle Weiser at Giant Headquarters.

In 2008 Dustin was engaged to Michelle Weiser. When Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38, Dustin helped her fight back in every way possible. Sadly she passed away, and Dustin has honored her legacy by saying F-You to cancer ever day since.

Dustin signed up for YSC’s Tour de PInk (TdP) West Coast event and, as a cyclist himself, eagerly joined the Giant Bicycle “Weiser’s Army” team. His first year, Dustin raised $10,000 for YSC.

Inspired by the courage he saw displayed by every survivor riding and the camaraderie he felt during the three days, he made a commitment to not only stay involved but to raise more money!

Dustin expanded his line of F&CK CANCER merchandise (which he sold while fundraising) and created an online store to promote and sell it. Proceeds from these products go to his YSC TdP team and help YSC (#YSCBuzz) continue providing support to all young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

This year he raised an astounding $60,000 for YSC!

Dustin and Noel

Dustin rides to not only honor Michelle’s memory but also to support all the young women currently battling this disease. Dustin doesn’t see TdP (#YSCTdP) as just another ride, he says “It’s three days of family, love and encouragement.”

Thank you Dustin for your unwavering support of YSC. We say F-You to cancer with you!