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Celebrating Together As a United Community

Celebrating Together As a United Community

Turning 20 years old is a BIG deal for Young Survival Coalition. Twenty years ago, young adults affected by breast cancer had few resources for their specific needs. Now, YSC serves as a national united voice and a way for thousands of young breast cancer survivors to FIND each other.

10 Parties Coast to Coast
To celebrate YSC's 20th birthday, we are doing something very different. We are hosting 10 community celebration events across the country to gather all survivors, thrivers, co-survivors, local partners and YSC supporters.

If you live near any of these 10 locations, COME AND JOIN US!!!

Celebrating Together
Here in New York City--where YSC was created and has been headquartered for 20 years--we are throwing a HUGE party on October 13th in Brooklyn. Pop artist, DJ and singer-songwriter, Spencer Ludwig will rock the evening with a live performance and DJ set. Check out his newest single,  Just Wanna Dance.

Honoring Our Community 
October 13th is also an important day in our community. It is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and as we come together, we will honor those living with metastatic breast cancer and remember those we have lost.

We know firsthand how horrible breast cancer is. While there is a lot of work to be done to end the disease once and for all, this fall the entire YSC community will come together as a family to celebrate 20 years!

Whether you are in Houston, San Diego, Michigan, New York or elsewhere, celebrate YSC's 20 years of service and this vibrant community connected in support of young adults with breast cancer.

Join us today!

Jennifer Merschdorf