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Breast Cancer Awareness Does Not End Today

Breast Cancer Awareness Does Not End Today

Although today marks the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, breast cancer awareness does not end today. We must continue to take action year-round to ensure that young women stop dying from this disease.

This month we focused on the realities of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women ages 15-39 and young women face greater mortality rates and an increased risk of metastatic (or stage IV) recurrence.

With the help of Spencer Kohn and Zach Jopling, we created our #12Ktoomany photo series where breast cancer survivors confront their struggles. We’re grateful for the young women who opened up about how their diagnosis changed their day-to-day lives and what the word ‘survivor’ means to them. Thank you to Spencer and Zach for capturing and creating beautiful images and a video that mirrors the reflection of breast cancer’s collateral damage on these young women.

Mercedes from our #12Ktoomany photo series for Breast Cancer Awareness MonthPhoto by Spencer Kohn

We welcomed guest bloggers to discuss their realities living with metastatic breast cancer. Allie discussed how she turned her metastatic diagnosis into an opportunity to focus on today and live the life she wants. Melissa discussed the hopes and fears she silently carries each day. Lara helped us understand the importance of living life over cancer and not only celebrating the ‘happy stories’ but telling the whole story. Thank you to Michelle for reminding us that we must continue to push for research and action because the young women who are no longer with us deserved more. The young women living with metastatic breast cancer deserve more, and it’s on us to be the driving force to demand action.

Ways to Continue Breast Cancer Awareness

Continue the conversation about the signs and risk factors of breast cancer--especially in young women. Help your family and friends understand how they can decrease their risk of breast cancer. Download and share our Breast Health and You Guide.

Join us in California for our West Regional Symposium this Saturday in Long Beach, CA. Online registration is now closed, but you can still register on-site. Registration for our 2017 Summit in Oakland, CA will open this week. Sign up to get notified about registration and other Summit details as they become available.

Advocate for the 12,000 young women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Our goal is to collect 12,000 signatures by December 31 and present our #12Ktoomany petition to the new President in January. We are still 8,400 signatures away from our goal.

Volunteer and become a peer mentor for other young women affected by breast cancer. Our Peer Mentor program helps young women find the priceless support, wisdom and understanding that they need. Sign up to get updates about local volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved as an Ignite volunteer.

Drive metastatic research forward by joining the Metastatic Breast Cancer Project, a nationwide project for patients, doctors, and scientists that collects tumor samples and patient medical for researchers to analyze and ultimately leads to a better understanding of metastatic breast cancer. We are proud to an advocacy partner and help MBC Project drive research and therapy development forward.