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Annabel Berney

Annabel Berney


YSC's 15 Volunteers Making a Difference

Annabel Berney — YSC Chanpion

Annabel at her bat mitzvah.
Annabel at her bat mitzvah.

Charity and giving back are cornerstones of Annabel Berney’s upbringing.  The importance of aiding others — either working hands-on or raising critical funds — has been stressed to her since childhood. As Annabel began preparing for her bat mitzvah, marking her (religious) journey to adulthood, she started to wonder how this event could have an even larger impact.

Annabel’s Aunt Nancy, her mother’s sister, is a young woman living with metastatic breast cancer. First diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28, Nancy learned three years later, when Annabel was two years old, that the cancer had returned and spread to her sternum. Throughout Annabel’s life, her aunt has demonstrated what it means to be strong and to persevere, showing Annabel she can do anything she puts her mind to.

When Annabel told her mother that she wanted to utilize her bat mitzvah to raise money for breast cancer in honor of her aunt, her mom was overwhelmed. Family and friends already familiar with Nancy’s struggle applauded Annabel’s efforts with generous donations.

Annabel and her Aunt Nancy.
Annabel and her Aunt Nancy.

Annabel's appeal raised over $13,000 and brought the message of breast health to a group of blossoming young women. As she focused on preparing for her bat mitzvah, Annabel noted that, “YSC took care of every detail behind the scenes; the donation process was simple.”

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On that special day, Annabel acknowledged her aunt and all the other young women facing similar challenges. She thought of others, not herself, looking to inspire those in her circle to do the same. Annabel’s commitment to being of service didn’t end that night. At school, Annabel takes part in community projects such as beautifying local parks, holding Thanksgiving dinner for those who are alone on the holiday and participating in a school buddy project, where she spends time with younger kids at a local public school.

As Annabel gets older, she hopes to continue raising awareness among her peers that young women can and do get breast cancer.

Thank you Annabel, for remembering every young woman with breast cancer as you honored your aunt on your special day!

To host a successful fundraising event like Annabel’s:

• Download our Community Fundraising Guidelines.

• Create your own fundraising page.

• Publicize your event.