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A New Supporter of YSC: Kyle Bergman, Founder of the Great Fantastic

A New Supporter of YSC: Kyle Bergman, Founder of the Great Fantastic

Hello YSC Family,

My name is Kyle Bergman, and I am a friend of the legendary YSC Volunteer, Tour de Pink Rider, and Breast Cancer Survivor Eva Wirth. In addition to being Eva's friend, I am also the Founder and Co-Founder of two separate, NYC-based start-ups, both of which I am honored to say are partnering with YSC during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The funny thing is, at the intersection of YSC and these two companies stands Eva! We met about 3 years ago at an Orangetheory Studio in New York City. I was a Coach, and Eva was a member. A tenacious competitor, Eva would easily out-row and out-work members half her age.
Kyle Bergman

During our time getting to know one another I told Eva about a business I started called The Great Fantastic. The Great Fantastic is an ecommerce apparel company that makes a unique product call Swoveralls - the glorious combination of sweatpants and overalls into one incredibly comfy masterpiece.

After getting to know all about YSC through Eva, I decided to create a YSC Candy Pink Swoveralls to help support YSC! 15% of the proceeds from each pair will be going to YSC, and The Great Fantastic has committed to donating a minimum of $5,000 to the organization. Thanks Eva for making it happen!

Now back to Eva - In late March, I, along with every other fitness professional in the country, was furloughed from their gym studio gigs. The day after being let go, I started teaching online classes, and Sweat from Home was born. Sweat from Home's mission is to provide the world's best live-streaming, interactive, and inclusive workout. We have a unique giveback mission as a fitness studio - for every class credit purchased, we donate a class to an individual or community in need. Additionally, we hold two donation-based workouts every week with 100% of the proceeds going to non-profits we believe in.  So, we are extremely honored and excited to partner with YSC in October as well, and provide hundreds of class credits and 100% of the proceeds from our donation-based classes to the organization.

Whether selling sweat, or sweatpant overalls, it's always been about giving back and helping others.  I have been incredibly fortunate to have met Eva, Jennifer, and in doing so learned more about the YSC community, and their mission to help young women in need.  Thank you for reading, and allowing me to support this incredible family.

It is an honor to be joining the YSC community as a supporter,