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2019 Wrapped - A Year in Review on the YSC Blog

2019 Wrapped - A Year in Review on the YSC Blog

As the year and the decade come to a close, we’re celebrating another stellar year of blog posts for you and by you! We talked mental health and managing relationships with your body and with others, treatment options and advocating for yourself.

Check Out Your Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts of 2019!

  1. How to Show Up When Your Friend Has Breast Cancer - Marisa, a young survivor herself, talks about the support she received and what helped her most through treatment. If you don’t know how to ask for support you may need, sharing this blog with your co-survivors can be a great place to start.
  2. The Cancer I Tried to Remember: PTSD After Cancer - Dana, YSC State Leader and RISE advocate, talks about the PTSD she endured after her diagnosis. This raw and real account of her struggles shows that breast cancer definitely isn’t all pink and smiles (duh) and that a breast cancer diagnosis is, in fact, unbelievably traumatic.
  3. (Un)Pretty in Pink: The Truth About a Breast Cancer Diagnosis - As Monisha went from co-survivor to being diagnosed with breast cancer herself at 28, she saw the truth behind the pink ribbons and “support the cure” attire. As she navigated a new side of cancer, treatment and side effects, October felt much less pretty. Monisha shares the truth behind the pink.
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  5. My Body: My Friend, My Foe - Our relationships with our own bodies can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. In this blog, Dana talks about the ups and downs of coming to terms with the changes in her body from surgery and treatment. It definitely hasn’t been easy, but at the end of the day she still tries to consider her body a friend.
  6. Cancer: The Relationship Game Changer - “I think that is one of the hardest parts of the cancer journey to grasp. You are changed after diagnosis.” Not only does a breast cancer diagnosis change you but it also reveals the true colors of those in your life. Dana talks about the value in managing relationships as you navigate a breast cancer diagnosis.
  7. Now, and Forever - For many, the term “survivor” seems to be something you earn after finishing treatment. In this blog, Patricia breaks that concept down and throws it out the window. From diagnosis to treatment and after, no matter what stage you are, you are a survivor.
  8. Going Flat: Your Body, Your Choice - One of the most important aspects of your breast cancer treatment is that no matter what treatment plan you choose, it’s just that, your choice. And in any situation, you are your own best advocate. Kim Bowles shares her story of advocating for herself when deciding to go flat, but how those wishes weren’t totally respected.
  9. How to "Mom" During Cancer - “Having cancer is tough enough as it is. Having cancer while parenting is downright exhausting.” There’s no perfect way to navigate being a parent while having cancer. Marisa writes about her tips and tricks. At the root of it all? Making the most of every moment together.
  10. Living Young and Metastatic: A Vow to Love and Laugh - Being young, metastatic and married meant Emily had to have some difficult conversations with her husband about the end of her life. While unpleasant to think and talk about, it was important that her husband knew what she wanted for herself and for his future. She recalls what it was like to start the conversation and the relief, intimacy and even humor she found in it moving forward.
  11. To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo: That is the Question - Tattoos are often used to guide treatment, ensuring the location of the radiation therapy is exact, but after treatment is said and done, some young adults have negative feelings towards their radiation tattoos. We sat down with experts in Atlanta to discuss different options within radiation therapy. For anyone researching radiation therapy options, this blog is for you.

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