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Cindy Jeffers

Board Member
Cindy Jeffers

Meet Cindy

Cindy Jeffers’ mom is a 37-year breast cancer survivor who has found community in cancer doctors’ waiting rooms. Cindy’s mom continues to gather new friends, and invaluable information and strategies for combatting cancer in these spaces. Because of Cindy’s experiences in waiting rooms, Cindy is drawn to and loves the communities YSC fosters. Cindy is deeply honored to support those impacted by breast cancer to live their fullest lives.

Cindy Jeffers is a CEO, Board Member and Advisory Board Member with 24 years of experience in software and hardware, women’s wellness, cultural institutions, online media, robotics and emerging technology platforms, and web2 and web3 internet startups.

In addition to serving on the board of YSC, Cindy is on the advisory board of Emme, a women’s wellness startup improving women’s medication adherence. Previously, Cindy served on the advisory board of Our.News, a fact-checking platform for news. Cindy was COO at UZE Mobility US, an enterprise mobility data services startup. Before that, Cindy was Board Director, CEO, CTO and cofounder of Daro, a data services startup that converted construction site data into business insights.

As Board Director, CEO and CTO of Salon Media Group, Cindy led the company through its biggest period of growth in audience and revenue. While VP of Technology at The Huffington Post, Cindy led the engineering and product teams from a startup to an industry leader, surpassing the New York Times and CNN in audience size, and an acquisition by AOL.

Previously, Cindy was a technology researcher at Distance Lab in northern Scotland, created interactive exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History and built robot actors for Heddatron, an off-Broadway musical in New York City. Cindy holds a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and a Bachelor’s degree from Barnard College.

Cindy is also an artist and makes interactive sculptures and paintings addressing the impact technology, medical illustration and globalization have on gender. Cindy’s work has been exhibited at CTRL CP + J, artspring Berlin, Berlin Art Institute, Monte Vista Projects in Los Angeles, distance lab in Forres, The Lighthouse in Glasgow, ISEA in Belfast, Dupree Gallery in Philadelphia, Schenectady Museum, Siggraph, Cannes, Ars Nova's Automatic Vaudeville in New York City, Cabaret Scientifique in New York City and HERE Theater in New York City, The Human Computer Interaction Conference in Florence and Ensemble Studio in New York City.

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