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Winona Diagnosed at age 43


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Winona Diagnosed at age 43

"I am feeling strong and very thankful to God for my healing testimony."


In July 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 43; there were two tumors in my right breast. I was a nervous wreck as the doctors were preparing me for chemotherapy and I was preparing myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually to start my journey of healing. I remember my Pastor gave an altar call for prayer for anyone who had a diagnosis of cancer or terminal cancer.

In September of 2013, I woke up early on a Friday morning and I heard the Lord say, "I can kiss cancer goodbye because I am healed". I jumped out the bed and did what the Lord said to do. During the month of September 2013, I went to have an MRI and the test showed there was a significant shrinkage in the largest tumor; this was after a few chemotherapy treatments.

On January 2, 2014, I completed my chemotherapy treatments. On January 10, I had a 2nd MRI and the results showed that the larger tumor was non-active and my Oncologist stated, "it looks as if the cancer cells had died". The MRI showed the second tumor did shrink and it was non-cancerous and there was nothing found in my Lymph nodes in my right arm pit.

On January 23, 2014, I went to have a PET scan. The next day, my Oncologist called me and left a message stating, "The PET scan looked very good, the tumor had shrank and there was no activity (meaning non-cancerous).

On February 12, 2013, I had a Mastectomy on my right breast. After the surgery, the breast tissue and five lymph nodes were taken out and tested. When I went for my follow-up surgical visit, I was informed that the breast tissue and all five lymph nodes tested negative for breast cancer. This was the moment I had been waiting and praying for; the doctors as well as my Oncologist pronounced that I was breast cancer free.

God continued to move on my behalf, a couple of weeks later I went in for a radiation consultation and my Oncologist and the Radiation doctor both agreed that I did not need radiation. I was praising God; I was now officially a breast cancer survivor.

Now 8 months later, I am feeling strong and very thankful to God for my healing testimony. I am currently working on my book about my Journey of Healing.

I also host a radio ministry Healing For The Soul, which gives me a voice to share my testimony as well as allowing other women to share their inspiring story of faith, courage, hope and healing.

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