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State Leader Application

YSC State Leaders serve as a state representative with a personal experience of breast cancer at a young age and the key link between the community and YSC. State Leaders assist with expanding outreach and share YSC resources directly with survivors, thrivers, co-survivors, volunteers, other organizations and healthcare practitioners statewide. State Leaders share information with YSC about cancer events and conferences taking place in their state, serve on panels at local cancer centers and share their personal story to amplify the voice of all young adults diagnosed with breast cancer. If you would like to improve the lives of young adults affected by breast cancer and represent your state in a meaningful way, apply now.

State Leader Application

Thank you for your interest in the State Leader program. As a State Leader your experience, skills and talents will make a significant impact in reaching every young woman diagnosed with breast cancer in your state and across the nation. 

Contact Information

Personal Information
*In order to become a State Leader, you must have at some point been diagnosed with breast cancer.



Volunteer Information

Please indicate if the organization was related to breast cancer.

Provide searchable Facebook Name

Note: you do not need to fill this out if you have already provided YSC with this information on a different form.

Acknowledgment of Terms & Conditions
By submitting this application, you agree to Young Survival Coalition (YSC) terms and conditions of serving as a YSC State Leader. Please read the following statements and click the appropriate button to verify you have read and agree to these terms.

1. As a YSC State Leader, your contact information will be available on the YSC website.
2. You are a volunteer of YSC and at no time can represent yourself as an employee of YSC.
3. You cannot give medical advice.
4. You cannot use YSC's events to sell products or services.
5. New programs delivered under the YSC logo(s) must be approved by YSC.
6. You cannot sign contracts, open bank accounts, or in any other way act as a legal entity under YSC's name.
7. You have read and agree to the Young Survival Coalition Volunteer Release.
8. You may be dismissed from their role for failure to comply with these terms or at YSC's discretion.