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Jennifer Merschdorf

Facing Forward, You Remain YSC's Mission

by Jennifer Merschdorf, Chief Executive Officer on November 06, 2020

This month, YSC is putting into place the next phase of our recovery, which allows us to bring back a smaller workforce while remaining flexible and adaptable during these uncertain times. In June, we shared about the hard decision to furlough many of our staff. Unfortunately, YSC is not financially able to bring back all of its employees. We are deeply saddened by this. These individuals are extremely talented and have dedicated themselves to the entire YSC community. We will always be grateful for their hard work and passionate commitment to the mission of YSC.

You Remain YSC’s Mission

In 2021, we will continue to strengthen the community, address the unique needs, amplify the voice and improve the quality of life of young adults affected by breast cancer, locally, nationally and internationally. As we adapt to a changing world, we will expand our virtual support and education programs for survivors, meta-thrivers and co-survivors. YSC will continue to ensure our RISE advocates are trained and actively engaged in meaningful advocacy and we will carry forward the work of conducting a global needs assessment. And yes, YSC’s signature events will go forward:

YSC’s Summit, the global conference for young adults affected by breast cancer and their co-survivors, is scheduled for the spring of 2021. Make sure to save your spot to stay in the know.

In the fall of 2021, YSC plans to host the Tour de Pink (TdP)! Many years ago, this fundraising event started with a strong partnership with G4, a women-owned event production company. G4 is YSC family. In 2021, YSC will grow this longtime partnership and incorporate their expertise to expand the “TdP bubble” and make the event even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Thank You

So many of you have worked tirelessly to support YSC and its mission during this challenging year. From donors to volunteers, the love and dedication to help YSC survive this unthinkable situation has been extraordinary.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who reached out, dedicated their time and ensured YSC’s success during this challenging moment for the organization. The love, support, and hard work of so many has been exceptional.

Thank you to the donors who graciously responded to this crisis with additional financial support. Each of you gave additional funds when YSC needed it most. We will forever be grateful and thankful for your dedication to our mission and the community we exist to serve.

Thank you to the dedicated TdP family who rallied together to support Virtual TdP and collectively raised over $182,000 for YSC in 2020.

Thank you to everyone who hosted an event to raise money for YSC or asked people to donate in honor of your birthday. So many of you worked very hard over the last six months to help support the organization you love.

Thank you to the entire Congressional Women’s Softball Organizing Committee for working so hard all summer to raise funds for YSC.

Thank you everyone for continuing to engage, support and empower each other.

YSC is Not Going Anywhere

YSC has been serving survivors, meta-thrivers and co-survivors for 22 years and we have every intention of continuing to do so for another 22 years. We are a determined and strong community of young adults affected by breast cancer.

We are stronger together.

Please take care of yourselves and each other,

Jennifer Merschdorf
Chief Executive Officer