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COVID & BREAST CANCER: Resources Made for Young Adults


We are here for you.

From postponed procedures to the PTSD isolation is bringing back for you, this pandemic is taking its toll. You need information and community built just for you. Your breast cancer is different. Your COVID-19 resources should be, too.


Disparities in the Era of COVID-19: Confronting Vaccine Inequity and Bias
Friday, April 16 at 2PM ET

  • YSC is excited to partner with breast surgical oncologist, Dr. Vivian Jolley Bea, and YSC Board President, Desirée Walker, to explore the importance of addressing health disparities in COVID-19 transmission and vaccine access, as well as the most pressing questions from survivors/thrivers of color. REGISTER


The Fine Print 2: Your COVID vaccine questions answered

  • Join YSC for a follow-up Q&A with Dr. Ann Partridge, Dana-Farber medical oncologist, and Claudia Campos Galván, patient advocate, about the latest information for young adults affected by breast cancer and COVID-19 vaccines. WATCH

Cancer, COVID-19 & the Importance of Your Mental Health

  • Join YSC's next COVID-19 installment with Krista Nelson, LCSW, a long-time oncology social worker, for a Q&A moderated by young survivor, Erin Price, LICSW. Krista will share her observations of the impact of the virus and vaccine rollout on cancer survivors, including how to cope if you're not eligible for the vaccine. WATCH

The Fine Print: Your COVID-19 vaccine questions answered

  • Ann Partridge, medical oncologist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Yolanda Murphy, patient advocate, answer questions about the latest information for young adults affected by breast cancer and the COVID-19 vaccines. Topics include managing vaccine and treatment side effects, getting the vaccine while pregnant and more. WATCH

What Immunocompromised Means for COVID-19 with Dr. Ann Partridge & Dana Farber Young & Strong

  • Dr. Ann Partridge of Dana Farber Cancer Institute provides the latest information on being immunocompromised during the global pandemic for this series on young adults and breast cancer. WATCH

Monday Meditation with Ni-Cheng Liang, MD

  • Dr. Ni-Cheng LIang is a pulmonologist with a passion for the benefits of a mindfulness practice. Watch this series of 30-minute meditations especially for managing fear and uncertainty during the coronavirus. WATCH

Triage Cancer

  • Triage Cancer partnered with YSC to offer current information about changes to health insurance and employment, including new options for paid sick leave, paid family leave, and unemployment benefits. They also cover recent changes and new rules that may impact an individual’s financial situation, including access to life insurance, cash assistance, student loans, mortgages, evictions, utilities, and more. WATCH (video unavailable)


Coping Through Crisis: Breast Cancer and the Coronavirus

  • YSC and Rathkopf Photography partnered for Mental Health Awareness Month to draw attention to the fear, anxiety, and isolation that COVID-19 triggers in young adults affected by breast cancer. Read the very personal stories of these 5 survivors and thrivers as they navigate an already permanently altered life after cancer now compounded by COVID-19.

From Scanxiety to COVID-19: Managing Fear in Uncertain Times, by Wendy Baer, MD

  • "The skills that got you to today will be ones you draw on to keep going forward.” Wendy Baer, MD, offers practical tips to manage the high anxiety we’re all feeling right now.

COVID-19 Survival Guide From the Cancer Community: We Got You, by Charissa Bates

  • This letter from a cancer survivor discusses how what she learned during treatment has prepared her for COVID-19.

Be an Active Participant in Your Care During COVID-19, by Elizabeth Lerner Papautsky, PhD

  • As fears about treatment and procedure delays mount, Dr. Papautsky offers how to mitigate disruption due to COVID-19.


YSC Virtual Hangouts

  • Peer-led and topic-driven, these online meetups let you connect with other young adults impacted by breast cancer. Multiple groups so you find your people, including metastatic only, African American, co-survivors, a general Face 2 Face group and more. REGISTER

YSC Private Facebook Groups

  • In trying times, we need support 24 hours a day. YSC’s Private Facebook Groups offer vibrant, interactive communities just for young adults affected by breast cancer. Groups for all survivors, metastatic thrivers and co-survivors. REGISTER


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