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YSC Goes Green for Earth Day

YSC Goes Green for Earth Day

YSC hearts EarthHappy Earth Day!

Today marks the 46th anniversary of an incredible movement started in 1970 to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion, and motivate people to action for the good of Mother Earth.

As an organization focused on the well-being of young women facing breast cancer, we're always touting the benefits of good nutrition, exercise and general wellness during and after treatment. But today, we're going to focus on the things we do to help the well being of our lovely planet.

Today, YSC is going green and sharing what we do today and every day to make a difference:

Irene recycling
Mary Ajango's little recycling helper Irene!

Recycling & Composting
"At the YSC New York office, we buy eco-products such as copy paper, file folders and other items when available. All of our PC's and copiers/printers have a sleep mode to conserve on energy being used. We also recycle!"
- Juan Quizhpi, Operations Associate

"We have a counter top composter at the YSC Atlanta office, which I either take home or donate to a local neighborhood community garden. Composting makes good dirt while giving back to the earth."
- Jean Rowe, Associate Director of Survivorship Programs

"Our family recycles in any way possible. And all food scraps go into our compost bin to fertilize our gardens. We get to enjoy fresh produce all summer."
- Medha Sutliff, Sr. Regional Field Manager (Midwest)

compost garden
Medha's compost setup in her backyard.

Reducing Waste
"We carry backpacks and reusable bags around with us while shopping to avoid using disposable bags."
- Lily Hanson, Director of Finance and Operations

"We eliminate paper products as much as possible and we use refillable drink containers. We have replaced light bulbs to more environmentally friendly ones and donate clothing and other items to charities. We also pay bills online and eliminate paper statements. If you are getting a lot of junk mail, you can opt out through DMAchoice."
- Jennifer Johnson, Sr. Director of Mission Marketing and Communications

"We don't use paper towels or paper napkins in our household. Instead, we have a bag of rags or microfiber cloths to use as paper towels and we always use cloth napkins. For cleaning, we use vinegar and baking soda instead of traditional cleaning products sold at stores. We also get our newspaper and magazines digitally through!"
- Mary Ajango, Director of Community Engagement

nicole garden
Nicole's veggie garden featuring lettuce, spinach, cabbage, zucchini, kale and onions.

Smart Food Choices
"We try to eat foods that are in season and grown or raised locally; it's better for our health, better for the environment, and supports local industry. We also look for sustainably caught or farmed seafood to protect the ecosystems of our rivers and oceans!"
- Lily Hanson, Director of Finance and Operations
For information on in-season produce, check out the Eat Seasonably Calendar and Seafood Watch recommendations offers information on which seafood items are "Best Choices" or "Good Alternatives," and which ones you should "Avoid."

"We started a veggie garden this year and plan to get chickens! We've been purchasing local organic eggs for years. Since we have a big yard and eat a lot of eggs as a family, it'll be great to raise our own chickens, which also benefits our composting efforts. Plus homegrown eggs are the best, as the yolk is more yellow and tastes great."
Nicole Taylor, Regional Field Manager (West)

"I celebrate Earth Day everyday thanks to my vegan diet. Being vegan helps conserve water and protects the environment from harmful emissions. Most of my fruits and veggies are purchased from my local farmers that don't use chemicals that harm local honeybees! I use honey for allergies, a sore throat, for cuts, upset stomach, diy beauty treatments! It works great for pups too (check with your vet first)."
- Mary Atwater, Communications Associate

Buying Green
"I buy beauty and cleaning products from companies that don't use nasty chemicals or engage in animal testing. Bonus if the ingredients are organic and the company is a small business!"
- Melissa Scholl, Senior Marketing Manager
For more information, check out Cosmetic Safety Database, a great resource!

"Buying gently worn clothing and other necessities on sites like eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark instead of buying new is a great way to be green. The clothing industry is among the worst polluters out there!"
- Lily Hanson, Director of Finance and Operations

Reducing Carbon Emissions
"During the Spring and Summer months, I cycle around the City rather than take the subway or get in cabs."
- Grace Foxton, Regional Field Associate (Northeast)

"I walk 4 miles to work everyday, even in the rain or cold, over the Brooklyn Bridge. It takes about 75 minutes, but it's a great way to start my day. I have done it for about 5 years!"
- Jennifer Owens, Senior Program Associate

"We made our house and home office energy efficient and have solar panels. We also drive a partial zero emissions vehicle and I walk my kids to school rather than drive."
- Naomi Gewirtz, Director of Employee Relations

"We try walking to places if it's a quick trip, like to the store or picking kids up from school. Saving a little gas and the ozone will help future generations!"
- Nicole Taylor, Regional Field Manager (West)


Do you have great green tips? Please share it with us! We'll post some of your ideas on Facebook and Twitter.