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Who Do You Advocate For?

Who Do You Advocate For?

This October, YSC’s focus is advocacy. But is exactly is an advocate? At its simplest, an advocate is anyone who actively supports or defends a cause. Many members of our community are advocates already.

Have you spoken up about your own care? Shared your story, and educated those around you about the realities of breast cancer? Spoken to your representative about the unique issues young women face? These are all types of advocacy.

If you’re an advocate, or want to take the first step to being one, you’re invited to join us on social this month for #ImAdvocatingFor. Take a picture, and let us know who you advocate for - whether yourself, friends or family, or your community.

Participating is easy: Just print and fill in the sign, snap a selfie and share on social with #ImAdvocatingFor.

Download the Sign

We look forward to seeing your shining faces and learning who inspires you in your advocacy!