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Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Even though COVID-19 has been keeping many of us isolated indoors, summer is finally here. And as long as we follow recommended precautions for ourselves and others, we can still enjoy the season and avoid risks that accompany warm weather, as well as the spread of the virus. 

Ways to Take Good Care of Yourself This Summer

Stay hydrated. We all need more liquid when it’s hot outside. Jazz up your water with lemon, lime, or fresh fruit for a tasty and refreshing treat! If you wish, keep track of your water intake with a free app.

Protect yourself while outdoors. A number of medications warn to keep out of the sun for extended periods of time, so be sure to double check labels. When you are in the sun, wear a hat and sunscreen (one that provides broad spectrum coverage). Here is more helpful information on sun safety.

YSC is Here For You
Chat with other young adults from the comfort of your home on a Virtual Hangout. Join one of our private Facebook groups to connect with community. Or reach out to a local F2F group (and attend when safe to do so).

Lymphedema sometimes worsens during warm weather. Learn more about what helps with reducing risk of Lymphedema and flareups, and also what to avoid.

Fruits and veggies! Take advantage of the growing season by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. And since they're outside, most are still open with social distancing. Find your local farmer's market.

Beware of cuts and bites. If you love gardening and the outdoors, wear gloves and other safety gear to avoid cuts and scrapes.

Exercise offers many benefits, but please be safe when engaging in physical activity, especially when outside where you can easily overheat. Check out a few exercise safety tips.

Say no. Remember that it's a gift to yourself to say “no” if you just want to stay home and relax. While receiving invitations is a compliment, honor when you aren’t feeling up to it.

Ask for help. Stress doesn't take the summer off. This is especially true with coronavirus around. If you are feeling overwhelmed, reach out for a professional helping hand or friends and loved ones who are able to assist.

The stress and uncertainty of COVID-19 make it more important than ever to invest time in our safety and well-being. That includes a bit of relaxing this summer! Take advantage of the longer days. And whether or not you’ve tapped into YSC’s resources, know that they are available to you when you’re ready.

Jean RoweJean joined YSC in 2011 with a background in clinical oncology social work. She is a licensed clinical social worker, a certified oncology social worker and a certified journal therapist. Her focus includes the crafting, piloting and implementing of supportive and educational programming for young breast cancer survivors, co-survivors and healthcare providers. As a certified journal therapist, Jean crafted an original program addressing re-establishing intimacy after breast cancer as well as continuing education journal writing programs for mental health and nursing professionals regarding compassion fatigue and self-care. She holds a master of social work from the University of Georgia and a bachelor of arts from the University of South Carolina.