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Riding Your First Century Words

Riding Your First Century Words

My name is Christine Malloy, and I have ridden in five Tour de Pinks including riding the 100 mile century. Riding 100 miles may seem like a daunting task but it is totally do-able! Tour de Pink is a great time to ride a century for the first time! Whether this is your first or 10th TdP and you are really wanting to tackle the big 1-0-0 on Day 2, do not fear, you can do it! I rode my first century in 2014 and started riding in 2008. Although I had been riding my bicycle for quite some time, I felt that tackling my first century ride was one of the most physically and emotionally challenging experiences, but the most rewarding. Here is some of my wisdom I have learned through my years of road cycling for those of you who are wondering how to prepare to ride 100.

Training & Support

  • Tour de Pink provides the best support of any charity bike ride I have ridden in. There are ample motos, ride marshals and support vehicles throughout the course.
  • Focus each week prior to Tour de Pink on riding 2-3 long rides per week.
  • Reach out to your local bike shop and join in on scheduled group rides.

“Crack jokes, laugh, talk and sing at the top of your lungs. My first century was incredibly memorable. I will remember who I rode it with, as well as all the conversations and jokes for the rest of my life.” Jamie P, Veteran TdP and Century Rider


  • You should be eating every 30 minutes for activity over an hour.
  • For every hour of activity you should be consuming at least one water bottle, and in hotter temperatures you need to drink even more.
  • An insulated water bottle is perfect for warmer days.

Finding a Buddy

  • Talk to your local bike shop about riding with beginners/veterans.
  • Check or ask on the TdP Family Facebook group for training buddies.
  • On the day of the century, ask other TdP riders if you can ride together!

Interested in riding a century ride? Learn more about YSC Tour de Pink and see where 200 miles will take you.