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Official Statement by YSC CEO Jennifer Merschdorf

YSC recently became aware of the concern that a young woman who claimed to be a young breast cancer survivor may not have had breast cancer at all. If true, the idea that anyone would make up having been diagnosed with- let alone treated for- breast cancer has deeply upset all of us here at YSC.

We understand that our community expected swift action from YSC; however, as an organization devoted to advocacy, education, and support of young survivors with breast cancer, YSC has not and will never require a young breast cancer survivor to provide proof of her diagnosis. While we are aware of this concern, we cannot publicly confirm or deny this young woman’s medical history of breast cancer. Should it turn out that she has never had breast cancer, we hope she will look for and receive the help she needs.

To our community, rest assured we are determined in our mission to support and strengthen our community by meeting their needs in an all-inclusive way, touching both survivors and co-survivors. We are shocked, saddened and disappointed that anyone would misuse our compassion, the generosity of donors and our love to their advantage, but we are committed to remaining focused on our mission.

If you have any further questions about this situation, please direct them to YSC’s CEO, Jennifer Merschdorf at [email protected].