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October is for Advocacy

The YSC community is strong, passionate and engaged. We are a group of people committed to making things better for young women affected by breast cancer. That’s why, this October, we’re dedicating the month to advocacy.

Each week, we’ll be emailing action items -- steps you can take right now to begin your advocacy journey. (Psst - make sure you’re signed up for our emails!)  We’ll also be sharing profiles of advocates in the YSC community -- people who focus on a number of different areas, like research, metastatic issues, and more. They’ll also be sharing their own tips for getting started as an advocate.

But let’s back up a step: What is an advocate? The word can sometimes feel intimidating, like it requires a lot of formal training or experience. And advocates often do have personal experience or training. But basically, an advocate is anyone who actively supports or defends a cause.

As a survivor, you may already have experience with self-advocacy. If you researched doctors or treatment options, or maintained an active role in making treatment decisions, you are a self-advocate. You already have many valuable tools for advocacy.

Throughout the month of October, we’ll be sharing topics crucial to young women affected by breast cancer, and how you can take action. Looking to get started now? Join our social media campaign. Download and print this sign, and let the world know why you’re an advocate with the #ImAdvocatingFor. You can recognize an individual or a community. Sharing your post is sure to start some crucial conversations.

Let us know about your experience with advocacy and the issues that matter most to to you in the comments. Thank you for being part of this amazing, powerful community.