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Moms Share Their Tips for Facing Breast Cancer

Young women affected by breast cancer often have different priorities, different thing we’re focusing on in life than older women diagnosed with the disease. For many of us, we’re balancing being a young parent while also grappling with doctors and treatment. Five young moms share what it’s like dealing with breast cancer while also being a parent, what they’ve learned, and what’s helped them.

Khadijiah, diagnosed at 28


“I was 28 years old with lots of dreams to fulfill and my daughter was a spirited 6-year-old. It felt unfair to have to deal with such a devastating illness at a young age. When I explained to her that I was going to have to take medicine that would make me lose my hair, a single tear fell from her large almond-shaped eyes. This ignited my fire to fight with everything that I had so I could be around to raise her...I keep moving forward because it’s not over until I stop singing and I don’t plan to do that any time soon.”

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Jessica, diagnosed age 33


“There is so much about this disease that one cannot control. But the things we can control, we must own — like a boss.”

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Carrie, diagnosed at 34


“Accept help from others! This is no time to pretend you can do this alone! Meals, offers to babysit, flowers and cards of encouragement were so helpful and uplifting. I also had two women who had been through breast cancer swoop into my life and take me under their wing, giving me advice, telling me what to expect, shopping for wigs with me, and generally holding my hand in every new stage of treatment. I could not have gotten through it without them.”

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Jodi, diagnosed at 30


“I have learned to take a deep breath and realize what is important in life and focus my energy on that.”

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Jessica, diagnosed at 34


“There are no guarantees with cancer right now, so live your life, set goals, have another child… So again as terrifying as it is, I decided to trust in God, trust in life and live in life not in fear. Here is to taking chances, to defying the odds, to living YOUR life.”

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Thank you to these amazing women for sharing their stories and their wisdom with us. Got something to add? Leave your note in the comments.

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