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Just For Co-Survivors: Making October Meaningful

Just For Co-Survivors: Making October Meaningful

YSC cares about its Co-Survivors*, and we want you to know about the support and resources that are available to you. Each month, we’ll be sending you a few inspirational tidbits while also making you aware of what is right at your fingertips.

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s all about advocacy. No one can say quite like you do, so make yourself heard, known and seen! That may sound good on paper, but what does that boil down to when it comes to you, the individual?

Depending on your totally-wherever-you-are-is-okay level of comfort, maybe this means holding the door for someone, giving up your seat to someone who may appear to need it more than you do or consciously choosing to practice deeper compassion during road rage. Want to take it further? Volunteer. Take part in an event. Fundraise (we can help with that).

There are no “have-tos” here but rather a nudge to consider your time and talent and how you might be able to share those with others who, frankly, need us. So think about it.

YSC resources

“Collateral Damage of Breast Cancer”: talk by Dr. Susan Love, YSC Summit 2015
“Through the Eyes of a Supporter”: talk by co-survivor Pablo Colon, YSC Summit 2015
“Support Young Women with Breast Cancer”: opportunities to get involved with YSC

Want to connect with others? Comment below and we’ll take care of you.