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Just for Co-Survivors: Finding Joy

Just for Co-Survivors: Finding Joy

It’s a new year, and I am reminded of a friend who for many years had a resolution to make no resolutions. We all chuckled at the sense of irony in that, but I’ve come to appreciate the wisdom in that decision.

For one, we aren’t set up for failure if we make a list of wishes or goals, and they aren’t fully realized. Instead, I think the blank canvas approach in this no-resolution resolution provides an expansive place: opportunity.

But opportunity for what exactly? How about a sliver of joy? In this Huffington Post piece, there are 40 suggested ways to find joy in everyday life. I like this idea because it brings joy to a place of simplicity. Suggestions which don’t necessarily cost money include: “get out in nature,” “lose yourself in a good book” and “sing out loud.”

It’s a great list, but I encourage you to use it as a model only for making your own. Remember in those moments where you think you haven’t got time that taking five minutes to do something that brings you joy will have rewards that may last the rest of the day. Tell us what might make your list!

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