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Join YSC at OMG 2013

OMG 2013 LogoBeing diagnosed with cancer at a young age sucks. There is really no other way to say it: It sucks.

Some of us feel suddenly alone and “different” from our friends – and who can blame us?

Some of us feel angry that the illusion of immortality was stolen from us too soon – I know I have felt that way.

Some of us feel scared for the future and wonder what “new normal” really means … ok, maybe all of us feel that way.

The point is, if you are under 40 and have been diagnosed with cancer — whatever type of cancer it is — it all sucks!

There is a very special gathering in Vegas this year for all young adults with cancer, and I am honored to be a part of it and attend. It is called the OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults. Brilliant, right?

OMG is about walking into a giant room and seeing hundreds of young people and saying to yourself: “They all have cancer like I do?” or “I can’t believe how many of us there are.” That is what OMG is about. It is about seeing, feeling and knowing that you are not alone.

The conference is April 25–28th, and there are sessions on genetics and research, the ePatient revolution, caring for the caregiver, how cancer impacts all parts of you, healthcare legislation and reform, pain management and so much more. The point is that all young adult cancer survivors will find something to help them — it is made specifically for us — and it is awesome!

For all you young breast cancer survivors, I would love to see you there!! At the conference, YSC will be hosting a reception just for young breast cancer survivors to help connect our under 40 survivors from across the country. Here is a special YSC code to get a discount on registration: OMG2013YSC.

We are going to have lots of fun giveaways and YSC stuff, so I hope you think about attending! Once you sign up, you will receive a special invitation from me with the event details.

YSC is a strong partner of Stupid Cancer and OMG, and I am proud to help spread the word through our network about this amazing conference.

Think about it, you probably know someone or know someone who knows someone, who was diagnosed with cancer (not only breast cancer) before the age of 40. It is important that in the young adult cancer movement we support ALL young adults with cancer and ensure that they have the support and opportunities to meet other young survivors that we have here at YSC.

Please join me in helping to spread the word about this remarkable conference, and please ask anyone you know that decides to attend to introduce themselves to me in Vegas; I would love to meet them!

So one last thing, the infamous OMG road show begins soon. It is worth following and absolutely hilarious; yes, sometimes we have to make cancer funny. Here is the trailer video:

See you in Vegas …. this is going to be EPIC!