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"I've got this hill ... I’ve been training for 8 hours a day for the last 2 days!"

Day One Finish: Kristin Westbrook, Marcia Donziger and Me

Well, I did it! I needed to prove to myself that cancer had not beaten me ... and I did. With the amazing support of friends who rode with me (specifically, Kristin Westbrook and Marcia Donziger who never left my side), my husband and the entire Tour de Pink community – I rode my bike for 200 miles this past weekend ... TAKE THAT CANCER!!!

There are too many amazing stories to recount, and too many incredible people to mention ... but what’s important is that because of YSC no other event like this exists to give young women with breast cancer the support and encouragement they need to do this.

And I did it!!!

Now, and I have to be honest – I  wasn't the first one across the finish line each day. Day one AND day two I actually was dead last, but I didn't care. I was too proud (and tired) to worry about my ranking.

It isn't about riding every mile. It’s is about pushing yourself harder than you have since cancer and proving to YOURSELF, and no one else, that cancer didn’t beat you. And whether you ride 75 miles during the weekend or the entire 200, as long as you feel awesome ... YSC has achieved its mission!!!

YSC is excited to be working with Capture14 as the Tour de Pink event photographer taking some of the most amazing photos I think I have ever seen. He’s generously offered to donate 50% of what he sells back to YSC. These photos capture of essence of the ride ... It’s hard, but beautiful. Intense, but warm. Long, but also too short.

For all of you doing the West Coast ride ... we have ONE WEEK to go!!! I can't wait to see all of you! Please feel free to have your friends sign up and join you for one-day rides and encourage people to cheer us on at our designated cheering stations.

As the 2012 Tour de Pink East Coast ride comes to a close.... I leave you with one last thing: