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Introducing Our Newest State Leaders

In January 2013 YSC announced the launch of the new State Leader program.  Following a hugely successful initial launch with 31 state leaders, I am thrilled to report we have just accepted our second class that includes an additional 21 new volunteers.  In total there are 52 State Leaders located in 26 states across the country.  Ten of these states are brand new areas of outreach for YSC!

The YSC State Leader program links together a regional network of volunteer breast cancer advocates who are selected to represent YSC based on their experience and commitment to YSC’s mission.

State Leaders act as the link between YSC’s local communities (survivors, volunteers and health care providers) and the YSC Regional Field Manager staff.  Their contributions include identifying state resources, joining other key leaders on a Regional Leader Council and contributing to outreach, education and awareness activities throughout their region.

These experienced breast cancer advocates have shown an outstanding commitment to YSC and the women we support. The exceptional skills and talents within this group of State Leaders will make a significant impact on our reach and ensure that no young woman faces breast cancer alone.

Please join me in congratulating these remarkable State Leaders and, most importantly, thanking them for the outstanding work they do for YSC — without committed volunteers like our State Leaders, we would be unable to support as many young women affected by breast cancer.

Arkansas Illinois Arizona Connecticut
Jennifer Wiseman Dana Stewart Krista Sullivan Jamie Pleva-Nickerson
Jennifer Linares
Florida California Maryland
Allison Eng-Perez Michigan Lisa Augustine Laurie Yori
Alyssa Millman April Robinson
Ishiuan Hargrove Colorado Virginia
Nebraska Bethany Aronow Rana Kahl
North Carolina Jennifer Barber Ariana Opp
Katerina Gmitter
South Carolina Dana Bilbao-Miller
Rosie Wells
Heather Baird Oregon
Carol Hachey
Leslie Williams