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I Hate Breast Cancer!

I Hate Breast Cancer!

How StudyI am sorry – I have to say it. I hate breast cancer. I hate that it can take a young woman too soon and leave families to grieve. I hate that it leaves scars on everyone it touches on both the inside and the outside. I hate that people think incorrectly that it is always a “curable cancer” as it sneaks around and continues to kill, injure and destroy.

I know that during the holiday season I should be focused on how much I, and all of us, have to be thankful for – but I don’t feel like it. I feel like saying what we all feel – I HATE BREAST CANCER!

Ok – I know throwing a temper tantrum is not really going to change anything, so let’s talk about something that actually WILL make a difference….. the Health of Women (HOW) Study. Have you heard about it? The HOW Study is awesome…. and I don’t say that about many studies.

This is a study for ALL women.

All ages.

All colors.

Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

And women who have not been diagnosed.


If you have never been diagnosed – but care about someone who has – this is an easy way to make an impact. In order to find out what might be causing breast cancer, we need women who have NOT been diagnosed to participate, too.

What I also love about this study is that Dr. Susan Love is determined to find and expose the true side effects of breast cancer treatment – and NO ONE else is focusing here with such determination. If you have breast cancer and are young – you need to sign up and share with Dr. Love all of the side effects you have experienced – so that the voices of all young women with breast cancer are heard loud and clear.

Here is a quote from Dr. Love regarding what she is finding so far...

“Most interesting to me was the fact that many of you were not told or at least did not remember being told about the side effects that we, as a medical profession, know will happen. For example, you will always be numb after a mastectomy and will never get the feeling back. It has to do with the way the operation is done cutting all the sensory nerves. In addition, a reconstructed breast will never have sensation! I used to yell at the plastic surgeons when I was in practice because they would say things like ‘your new breast will look normal and feel normal.’ Other long term consequences such as neuropathy, pins and needles and sensory problems from the chemotherapy also don't get better. Some of the sexual issues, i.e. loss of libido or dryness, can be caused by drugs especially Aromatase Inhibitors and could resolve once you stop taking them. But, if it is caused by being put into menopause, they probably won't resolve. While most of us would accept the consequences of treatment to save our lives, we really should know what to expect! When we formally collect all the data on these issues in the HOW study in the spring, we will present it to the medical profession and see if we can use it to change pre-treatment education."

So as we begin to focus on another year coming to an end, let’s do something that will actually make a difference. Join me in signing up for the HOW Study. It’s simple, important and will make a real difference for thousands of women – how often are you given that opportunity?

If you are a woman – sign up and ask five of your girlfriends to do the same. It is easy – all you have to do is share this link:

Remember – you do not have to be a breast cancer survivor to sign up – you simply need to be a woman who cares.

Join me – let’s do something together that makes real change!