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Get Hitched, Give Support

Get Hitched, Give Support

Yesterday marked the kick-off of a very special event happening all month. For all of September, we will be celebrating the awesomeness that are our YSC Champions. Many people ask us how they can help the thousands of young women that face breast cancer each year. Becoming a YSC Champion is just one of those ways. It’s a really unique opportunity to have fun while doing good in your local community.

One of my favorite Champion events is happening on November 10 in Seattle. Get Hitched, Give Hope is Seattle's premiere bridal charity and gala--a marriage between a swanky party for those planning a wedding and a fundraiser that generates thousands of dollars for charities each year.

I asked Natasha Larsen, Vice President of Marketing, a few questions to learn more about Get Hitched, Give Hope -- our YSC Champion highlight this week.


How did you get involved in this awesome annual charity event?

The very first year I attended Get Hitched, Give Hope, or GHGH, it was as a guest. My colleagues and friends are the founders of GHGH and I went to support them. After that, I was hooked and was asked to join the team! I've been volunteering ever since. I believe so much in this event -- the love and generosity behind it.  So far, GHGH has raised $67,000 for Young Survival Coalition!

Why did GHGH choose YSC as its beneficiary?

GHGH was founded by women and it was very important that we chose a local charity that resonated with us. Supporting those affected by breast cancer is something that is very near and dear to all of us here at GHGH. We all know of someone who has been affected, not to mention the possibility of being affected ourselves. So, YSC was a perfect fit!

Copy of Get Hitched Give Hope_photo credit La Vie Photography_2
Get Hitched, Give Hope's team and volunteers donate their time and expertise to make this charity event a huge success! 

GHGH is a very unique bridal event, do you think people feel differently about attending and giving back because all proceeds go to charity?

Yes! That warm fuzzy feeling is the best and I truly believe that the combination of bidding on something they actually need and want, paired with the knowledge they are helping others makes our guests very generous. Even if they end up not winning the auction, they still give in so many ways!

Do you think GHGH has extra special meaning since it helps support young women facing breast cancer? Do survivors attend?

GHGH is definitely special because it’s a one-of-a-kind event focused on helping those in need. Our guests connect with all the individuals they help by attending. There are so many survivors around us, with many young survivors attending as well.

Amazing bridal dresses from Seattle's finest wedding vendors!

How does GHGH help spread awareness that young women can and do get breast cancer?

During GHGH, we support and talk about YSC to help spread the word about breast cancer in young women, while focusing on the event itself. We also have YSC materials on hand for anyone who needs and YSC volunteers and staff are available to speak more about its programs and mission.

Many times the young women we support have to put their wedding dreams on hold for treatment, some are even diagnosed while in the middle of wedding planning- do you have any advice for them on how to approach planning a wedding or tips for savings?

I can’t imagine what it’s like to face breast cancer! It’s such a challenging time, so perhaps it’s best to really focus on what’s important -- marrying the one you love. Letting go of details that you don’t really care about can be very liberating, though it may take some time and honest evaluation to determine what those details are. It’s so very easy to get wrapped up in all things wedding, especially in the age of Pinterest. Of course, cutting down on the guest list is the most effective way to save, but we realize that those facing breast cancer want to have all of their loved ones present. Hosting a desserts and drinks reception is significantly less expensive and still provides that celebratory feel. It can also be held in a smaller, less expensive venue or even a private residence since tables and chairs for dinner are not necessary.

Besides attending GHGH, is there anything else a young couple about to get hitched can do to help young women affected by breast cancer?

There are so many ways to give to the causes you are passionate about. If supporting YSC is of interest to you, check out YSC Champions for some great ideas!

Get Hitched, Give Hope's
9th Annual Wedding Auction & Gala: Havana Nights
November 10, 2016 at 6:30pm
Four Seasons Hotel Seattle
99 Union Street, Seattle, WA 98101
To learn more, click here.


Get Hitched, Give Hope is just one of the many amazing YSC Champions who support YSC. Anyone can be a Champion!

If you’re getting hitched soon, one fun idea is to use Donation Favor Cards -- an easy way to give to YSC while offering your guests something unique and special on your magical day. Lots of couples have been opting to give donations to charities that have positively impacted and supported them in lieu of wedding favors.

We created a beautiful Donation Favor Card and a Donation Sign that you can easily print at home and share at your wedding.

Every wedding is unique, which is why we put together a Pinterest board featuring other donation favor card ideas. That way you can design yours exactly the way you want!

All donations to YSC are tax-deductible and help to sustain and expand programs that directly support and empower young women affected by breast cancer.

For more ideas to inspire the YSC Champion in you, click here. Become a YSC Champion Today!