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East Coast versus West Coast

I bet if we all took a look at our friends and where they live, we would have people close to us on BOTH coasts … and everywhere in between! Take me for example. I grew up in the Bay Area in California. I love my sweatpants, I wish could wear jeans to work every day, and I crave local beer more than I should. But I think somewhere the stork got lost when delivering me and I should have been born on the East Coast. The seasons calm my soul, the energy driven from so many people in a small spaces excites me. The “right coast” just feels right. That said – while I may never move back West – I will always call California home.

YSC is kinda the same way – but backwards. YSC started in NYC and built its initial community on the East Coast. Much of its culture today stems from East Coast traditions and styles, but like me, YSC has begun to call the “other” coast home, with the strong affiliates there and launch three years ago of the YSC Tour de Pink West Coast bike ride.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there are many places in-between where YSC has a powerful presence with outstanding volunteers who are deeply committed to ensuring that young women do not face breast cancer alone. However, as I train for my TdP East Coast (Philly to D.C.) and West Coast (Giant Bicycles in Thousand Oaks along the Pacific Ocean to Oakley’s world headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA) rides, my brain is focused on the coasts.

Tour de Pink is YSC’s biggest fundraiser. And, as a result of all of the amazing participants who raise money to ride, YSC is able to invest in ensuring that young women are educated and empowered when faced with breast cancer.

The East Coast TdP three-day ride sold out within a couple months due to its popularity and long history (although people can still register for a one-day ride) – but the West Coast ride, our newest ride of the two, is only about half full.

I'm sure you all know AT LEAST one person on the West Coast and I’m also confident that if you are reading this, you believe in YSC. So my ask of you is simple: Would you please ask everyone you know on the West Coast to display the post below on their Facebook page? It’s a small action that will directly support YSC and our important cause.

Do you live on the West Coast? Have you been touched by breast cancer? Did you know young women also get breast cancer? If so, please consider riding, cheering or simply helping Young Survival Coalition spread the word about its upcoming YSC Tour de Pink West Coast bike ride October 12-14 in Southern California. Please pass this on to everyone you know on the West Coast and let’s see if we can sell out this ride to reach more young women with breast cancer. It’s as easy as sharing and reposting this link!!!

I know the West Coast is full of people who cycle for a cause. That is sooooo West Coast …especially in Southern California!!! I think the challenge is just getting the word out.
So please everyone – post either this blog OR the above post onto your Facebook page and let’s see if we can all sell out the West Coast ride, so YSC can raise funding to reach even more young women affected by breast cancer.

I need your help!

YSC needs your help!