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Court Approved! We're Ready To Adopt

Court Approved! We're Ready To Adopt
Our Adoption Process: Part 3

Last month, I offered an update on our adoption process and wanted to check back in. My husband and I had just submitted all our documents after undergoing quite a few steps, both administratively and emotionally. So far, I was most surprised by the home study. I expected an interrogation-like investigation, think CSI without a crime scene, but instead we had a warm and understanding visit from a very nice social worker. They’re on your side trying to help you become parents.

Of course, all of these processes are intimidating and a little scary, but it’s for the right reasons. We all want to make sure precious children have the best experiences in life. I'm glad to report that we did something right because the courts approved us as adoptive parents! We’re absolutely delighted and gave ourselves a little break to celebrate with close friends.

adoption letter_2
We're so excited!

What's Next For Us

Now it’s onto the next stage of the adoption process, which if you went the independent route like us, includes developing a profile on a site like or adoptimist, or you can look at creating your own Facebook page for potential birth mothers to review. We found it really helpful to view other parent profiles for ideas on what we should include on ours.

We’ve also put together a short film to add to our profile. I don’t have the finished article yet, so I can’t share it unfortunately! But my advice would be to ask yourself "what would I want to hear if I was a birth mother?" It’s important to be natural, keep it short and make sure your day-to-day lives come across. They want to see what you’re really like, not how you present yourself on a polished video.

We're also employing a coach who is very experienced at speaking to birth mothers. As an adoptive mother herself, she'll walk us through what kind of questions we may get asked and how to respond. She'll also review our profile and give ongoing advice. This support will be crucial for us during a time that is both exciting and scary. We’re moving ahead with the hope that we’ll welcome a child into our lives when the time is right. Wish us luck!