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Congratulations Stacy and Lori!

YSC turns 15 years old this year!!! We will be celebrating throughout the entire year to recognize the hard work of SO many dedicated volunteers and staff. I feel honored to be able to take part in these acknowledgements, especially since they symbolize the hard work and dedication of so many young women with breast cancer across the country. The amazing volunteers and survivors in San Diego played a part … as did women in Atlanta … Duluth … Kansas City … Philadelphia … the list goes on … and on! There are so many people to thank and identify – we need an entire year to do it!

To kick off the festivities, I would like to pay homage to two spectacular women … Stacy Lewis and Lori Atkinson. Seven years ago this month, both of these outstanding women began their employment with YSC. As the organization turns 15 and we begin the year by commemorating this anniversary, we also start the year by hailing the achievements and long-standing tenure of these outstanding professionals. They have now BOTH been on staff longer than any other employees in YSC’s history.

That is something to celebrate!


Stacy Lewis, CHES, Chief Program Officer and Deputy Chief Executive
Stacy Lewis, CHES, Chief Program Officer and Deputy Chief Executive

Stacy Lewis started as YSC’s first Program Director on staff and she’s been leading us to greatness ever since! Stacy’s outgoing personality and brilliant mind is a driving force behind YSC’s solid reputation for delivering truthful and accurate data and materials. Stacy has built relationships with healthcare professionals, researchers and organizations that have strengthened YSC’s ability to support young women with breast cancer across the country. A few years after she joined YSC, Stacy was promoted to VP of Programming to take advantage of her strategic planning and management skills, especially with regard to the management of C4YW – the largest conference dedicated to young women with breast cancer in the world. One of the first things I noticed when I was hired as YSC’s CEO was Stacy’s incredible knowledge of science and survivorship issues – and I promptly promoted her to Chief Program Officer/Deputy Chief Executive. I truly believe that YSC is a smarter and better organization due to Stacy’s contributions. It is a great honor to be able to highlight her seven years of service to YSC. Thank you, Stacy!!!



Lori Atkinson, Chief Community Officer
Lori Atkinson, Chief Community Officer

Lori Atkinson began volunteering with YSC in 2000, so her relationship with YSC actually began 13 years ago. Before she joined YSC’s staff, Lori served as its Volunteer Chair for Central Indiana, where she worked hard to build YSC’s reputation and reach young women in her local community. In 2006, Lori was hired as YSC’s first Affiliate Manager and she diligently supported women around the country who were a part of an affiliate. There are very few YSC members who don’t know Lori – if you’re acquainted with her, I’m sure you know she’s one of the kindest and hardest working people there is. A few years after that, Lori was promoted to Affiliate Director of Development to foster YSC’s growing affiliate structure to help more young women with breast cancer throughout the United States. In my first year working at YSC, Lori and I worked very closely together to analyze the current affiliate model and determine how we could strengthen it. Everything Lori does focuses on the critical issue of how YSC can better reach and support young women affected by breast cancer. I know I can rely on her to always put our volunteers and survivors first in everything she does … always! In 2012, I was proud to promote Lori to Chief Community Officer of YSC. Her commitment to both YSC and the success of our volunteer programs is exceptional. I thank my lucky stars that back in 2000 YSC was there to not only support Lori in her journey as a young survivor, but also keep her actively engaged with YSC 13 years later (WOW!!!). Thank you, Lori!!!


These two women are the brains of the programmatic work that YSC is well known for. They both care deeply about our community and work tirelessly to ensure that every young women diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. knows we are here and that she’s a part of our family.

As we embark upon our 15 year anniversary today, please join me in thanking and acknowledging Stacy Lewis and Lori Atkinson for seven years of service to YSC. If one of them has touched your life or done something special for you during the past seven years, please consider leaving a comment to express your appreciation.