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Community and Celebration

Survivor Photo, 2012 Kansas City's In Living Pink

This past weekend I flew to Kansas City to attend YSC Kansas City’s In Living Pink gala. It was awesome! Everyone looked beautiful and the energy throughout the event was electrifying, filled with love and compassion.

My favorite part of any YSC In Living Pink event is always the survivor photo. When you are standing there surrounded by so many spectacular women it reminds you how important the YSC community is to so many people. If you were to see any of these women walking down the street the LAST thing you would think of is cancer – your thoughts would probably be "Wow, she is beautiful … " or "Check out her shoes!" But, the reality is that every one of these women has been told "You have breast cancer" and together, we are doing way more than just surviving!

Throughout the memorable speeches at the event a common thread weaved in-and-out .... Hope. Whether it was Dr. John Michael Quinn talking about the hope that got him thru his own cancer diagnosis, Mrs. Kansas Brandi Palmer's hope that all young women pay attention to their bodies and understand that young women can and do get breast cancer, or Lara Moritz from KMBC TV, who kept us all grounded in the hope for a cure some day. The nine survivors in the fashion show also provided hope  that there is life after breast cancer and you can thrive with your new normal.

The most amazing part of the evening was grasping the extreme generosity of the Kansas City community. In less than one hour, the generous individuals who bought tables and tickets donated an additional $30,000 to YSC!!! WOW!!! During the evening, I was overwhelmed with the energy of this community and their dedication to each other and all young women affected by breast cancer.

Thank you, Kansas City, for making me feel so welcome and for your determination to ensure that no young woman faces breast cancer alone. You are outstanding ... and I can't wait to see you all again soon!!!