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CEO Jennifer Merschdorf on Wellness & Self-Care

CEO Jennifer Merschdorf on Wellness & Self-Care

For National Women’s Health Week, we’re sharing our favorite resources for your best health. We’ve collected everything from partner promotions to curated wellness content to help you establish a wellness routine right for you, diet and nutrition that works for your body and practices that improve your mental and spiritual wellness.

We’re all so busy that many of us forget to find time to take care of ourselves. It’s not on purpose and we all know better… but with everything we balance, our self-care can drop to the bottom of our lists.

Jennifer Merschdorf at YSC Tour de PinkOur health is the core of everything about us. When we’re young and healthy, it’s so easy to take it for granted. As we age, we realize what a precious gift our health is. But if you’re a young adult facing breast cancer, you’re very aware of how precious health is.

We all have an opportunity to focus on our health every day. If you’re physically fit, maybe your mental health could use some attention. If you, like me, have gained a pound or two with age, carving out time to exercise is critical. Or if you need to slow down, giving yourself permission to invest in yourself will go a long way. If you’re facing the side effects of breast cancer therapy, just taking a walk outside could do amazing things for your well being.

Health can mean so many different things. Each of us is different and our bodies need different things at different times. While the idea of National Women’s Health Week is wonderful, I think it shouldn’t need a special week. As a society, we need to encourage and support each other to love our bodies and take better care of them year-round.

I also think that health is a fundamental right for all people. It’s not right for the wealthy to have better access to healthcare than the poor. Health should never be an access issue... it is a human issue. We’re all working together to figure out how to ensure that the world will be a safe, wonderful place for future children. We want to ensure that every person on the planet is healthy.

To jumpstart your health journey, check out YSC's wellness pages for articles, partner offerings and other resources to help. You can also follow us on Facebook all week as we post our favorite resources from YSC archives, partners and experts who work with us.

Try this week to do something for your own health. You deserve it!

Jennifer Merschdorf