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Beauty Recap: A Thriver's Guide to Makeup

Beauty Recap: A Thriver's Guide to Makeup

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in to the live demo for how to apply makeup as a survivor, here is a recap! There were some great questions asked that I wanted to answer and some tips I wanted to repeat.

1. Shop labels! When I say labels, I am not talking about high-end or niche. I am talking ingredients and benefits. Above all, I recommend shopping for things that are fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. Fragrance may irritate the skin, and for some going through treatment, some scents may even be nauseating. In contrast, products that are hypoallergenic often may be suitable for sensitive skin types, which many survivors develop throughout their journey. Finally, non-comedogenic means products are least likely to clog pores causing breakouts on the skin.

EWG’s Skin Deep can help you learn more about what’s in your products.

2. Skincare! While it may be the least favorite step for some, it is the most important. Properly cared-for skin guarantees a better overall skin appearance and optimal wear throughout the day.

One demo attendee asked what they can do for redness and dryness. Here are some basics to shop once you’ve identified your skin type. If you have dry skin, products that are hydrating and mention hyaluronic acid are best! They may be rich in texture as well in both cleanser and moisturizers. Along with dryness, if you are experiencing irritation, ingredients like chamomile, oat, aloe and even yogurt may alleviate redness and irritation.

If your skin is oily, cleansers and moisturizers that are lightweight and gel-like are best. If you are experiencing breakouts, products that have oat, willowbark, and even products with lavender will help to absorb excess oil, reducing clogged pores that cause breakouts.

And if you’re a normal skin type using products that maintain the skin’s pH are best. These products will state this benefit on the packaging and may advise to cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize twice a day, everyday.

Products that are hydrating, have antioxidants, and sunscreen are good for every skin type!

3. Waterproof! Most cosmetic products are available in waterproof in addition to a normal wear version. This means a longer wear that will stand hot flashes, sweating, and tearing. You can buy your foundation, brow products, mascara and even lip products in a water-resistant formula. The complexion, brow, and lip products may come in different textures that best fit either your skin type or comfort with application.

4. Tools! They are important to get the result you desire for your makeup application. The most sought after tools are for brows. For example, there are stencils by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit Cosmetics and some even at your local beauty supply, such as Covergirl and Kiss.

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Fluffy brushes are great for both powder and liquid foundations, both application and finishing. Tools include brushes, sponges, stencils, and other tools for applications. Lash applicators, tweezers, etc. are best to keep in one place for readiness to combat chemo-brain and begin our beauty routine, effortlessly.

5. Beauty on the go! Compact cosmetics and other on the go products will help with the longevity of your beauty look. Compact blotting powder with a travel brush or velour puff. For hot flashes - do not forget your fabulous fan!

6. Pick one! If you do not have the energy to do skincare, prime, foundation, eyes, blush and bronze - pick a focus. Brows frame a blank canvas. Defining the eyes with liner and mascara make the eyes pop. Lips, be it a tinted balm, a high-shine gloss or a bold color, are also another easy quick feature to highlight. Even a glowy BB cream or adding luminizer to your moisturizer offers radiance to an appearance that needs a quick pick me up! If you are combating skin unevenness, CC creams quickly normalize skin appearance with no additional steps required.

Available products are endless at your favorite beauty stores! You can make your beauty routine as simple or involved as you like. Hope you enjoyed this quick read on some golden rules to keep in mind when beauty shopping and applying your new beauty products!

Patricia FoxPatricia Fox is a new contributor at YSC. Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 26, Patricia now shares her insights and deep wisdom in the hopes of encouraging other young adults like her. Read more about her and her work at