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Advocate Profile: TeMaya Eatmon

Throughout October, we’ll be featuring powerful advocates from the YSC community. They come from diverse backgrounds, and each have unique approaches to advocacy. There’s no one way to be an advocate; we hope these profiles will inspire you on your advocacy journey.

TeMaya Eatmon AdvocateName:  TeMaya Eatmon
Age at diagnosis: 36
Age now:  41
Location:  Atlanta, Georgia

What is your advocacy focus?

My advocacy focus is health disparities and fertility.

What are the biggest issues in this area for young women?

Ensuring that the same quality care is given to women regardless of their socio-economic status. Regarding fertility, it's the cost.

How did you first get involved with advocacy?

I first got involved when I enrolled in my state's Women's Health Insurance Program to help me with the cost from my private insurance but realized that my medical team or others that I was referred to did not accept the state's coverage.

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If you could have one advocacy-related superpower, what would it be and why?

It would be that policy around coverage wasn't a political/partisan issue. This would help alleviate that where you live didn't determine whether you live. It would also assist in allowing research to stretch beyond the drug companies and focus around survivorship.

Tell us about something you’ve accomplished or taken part in that you’re proud of.

I was selected to be a Ford Model of Courage and have had the opportunity to give #moregooddays. I had the opportunity to care for a friend in Houston, TX at the Ballard House and met some wonderful survivors and caregivers and was able to share with them #moregooddays by giving them Warriors in Pink gear and note cards with encouraging words.

What’s your advice for someone looking to get started?

Choose something that matters most to you and get involved with an organization with a mission that aligns with that.

How do you cope after a tough day?

I have a gratitude jar and on days that it's really rough, I go to the jar and reflect on something that I have placed in the jar.