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A Little Goes A Long Way

A Little Goes A Long Way

All Shapes and Sizes

I’ve worked with many incredible DIY fundraisers over the last year at YSC. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are professionals looking to spread awareness in their offices while others want to find a fun way to engage their sorority sisters for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But every once in awhile, an extra special someone comes along that makes you stop and think “wow, that’s amazing!” For me, that person is Reese.

A Huge Champion In A Tiny Package

Over the past few years I’ve been interested in donating to charities. It started out by donating to this charity in Canada called WAG (Whistler Animals Galore), but sometime last year I expressed the desire to help out a breast cancer charity. I never really said anything to anybody, but spent plenty of time thinking of a way I could raise money. In May of this year, I started thinking about what to do for my birthday…


I was thinking big -- a limo, laser tag and the presents I would get! But then I thought to myself that I don’t really need anymore gifts. The money used to buy those presents could go to a cause rather than to satisfy my immediate wants and short-term happiness. What I did find, though, is that what I did this year instead of getting presents did make me happy. In fact, it might have made me even happier than getting presents!


While looking for an organization to support, I found a lot that I liked, but YSC stood out - especially because it supports young women. Being a young woman myself, I understand that “knowing is not enough.” I wanted to do something and support them. So I donated all my birthday money to YSC.
- Reese Weiden, age 12

Reese Weiden

Just Imagine...

Reese did in fact donate all the money she raised for her birthday instead of receiving gifts from friends and family. In total, she raised $397.25. You may not think this is a lot, but we know for a fact that this goes along way in helping YSC sustain and expand its programs. Thanks to Reese, we were able to provide 40 young women recently diagnosed with breast cancer our Newly Diagnosed Navigator. Now that’s a big deal!

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone who has benefited from YSC’s programs decided to be like Reese and hosted an easy DIY Fundraiser? We could reach so many young women affected by breast cancer! After all, 12,000 young women this year alone will be diagnosed in the US. So ask yourself as October 1 quickly approaches… “what can I do?” The answer is easy - anything!

So go bowling, make cookies, get crafty or just say “you know what, I don’t need birthday gifts this year.” You may surprise yourself by how happy you feel afterwards. Like I’ve been saying all month - Anyone Can Be A YSC Champion, especially YOU.


Learn more about how to become a YSC Champion, just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or support a current Champion today!