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7 Everyday Activities to Help Young Women with Breast Cancer

Physical Activity

1. Do you start or end your day with yoga, working-out, running or anything in between? Turn your physical activity into a fundraiser. Ask your instructor to host a class or session to help benefit YSC. Either take donations during the class or have a fee to enter the class. To help your event even more, have goody bags for everyone attending or raffle items for attendees to raffle on.

Coffee at Home

2. Do you, your coworkers family and friends stop at a coffee shop every morning? Stop stopping at the coffee shop and brew your coffee at home. Did you know you would be able to donate over $150 to YSC?

TV Night

3. Do you watch certain television shows or enjoy certain award shows? Turn a TV night into a fundraiser. Have beverages and snacks for your friends, ask them to donate in turn for being a part of the festivities.

Group Raise

4. Do you enjoy dining out with friends and family? Make dining out into a fundraiser with group raise. This websites shows you the restaurants in your area that will pledge a percentage to your cause. Choose a restaurant, tell your friends and family, eat dinner and raise money for YSC!

Dog Party

5. Do you walk your dog or take your dog to the dog park? Turn spending time with your dog into a fundraiser. Offer to walk other dogs in the neighborhood for a donation to YSC. Have a dog party in the park with fellow dog owners, have treats for the dogs, snacks and beverages for the owners and raffle prizes for the owners to raffle on.

Social Hour

6. Do you enjoy having a beverage after work or on the weekend? Turn your social hour into a fundraiser. Host a wine night at your home or local wine shop and charge a fee to enter. Have raffle prizes or an auction that your guests can raffle on. If you enjoy beer, have a brew night or host a party at your local brewery.

7. Are you trying to drop a daily activity? Turn an activity or action that you’re trying to give up into a fundraiser! Commit to dropping the certain action, have your friends commit to dropping their certain action and require that you donate a certain amount of money each time this action is committed.

Join us during Month of the Champions, and turn your everyday activities into meaningful support for young women affected by breast cancer. Learn more now.