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10 Stress Reducing Tips for Young Survivors

10 Stress Reducing Tips for Young Survivors

STRESS — the word alone can be enough to make you feel anxious or on edge. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “Stress can be defined as the brain’s response to any demand. Many things can trigger this response, including change.”

It is clear that a breast cancer diagnosis is a major change in the life of the person diagnosed and also in the lives of their co-survivors (family, friends, partners and spouses). At YSC, we strive to provide you with as many tools as we can so you can cope with the various changes you are facing during and after your breast cancer diagnosis.

How Can You Best Cope with Stress?

1.) Accept Help. Friends and family want to help.There are great websites such as Lotsa Helping HandsTake Them a Meal, and Care Pages). to help your or better yet, someone in your circle of support to help keep things organized)

2.) Don’t be afraid to seek professional help. You may not want to tell your loved ones everything you are feeling. A mental healthcare provider can be an objective listener.

3.) Prioritize. Focus on what needs to be done now and do one thing at a time. It’s o.k. for the house to be messy

4.) Take care of yourself physically. Eat healthy, get enough sleep, and make time to exercise/relax.

5.) Utilize YSC’s FREE Resources.

       - Face 2 Face Networks and Online Support Groups are wonderful ways to connect with other young women who know what you are going through. Or get matched with a peer mentor who can offer you support over the telephone.

       - Download/Order the right Navigator for you. (We have four to choose from - Newly DiagnosedMetastaticPost-Treatment or Long Term).

A few of YSC’s State Leaders share how they were able to manage stress while facing breast cancer:

Danielle Lee (1)

Stori Nagel

Erin Schabert

Beck Steiner

Marenda Hughes