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Rashmi Joshi

Board Member
Rashmi Joshi

Meet Rashmi

Rashmi Joshi is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record for building successful businesses from the ground up. After catching the startup ‘bug’ at the age of 16, she dove into the IoT world through the invention of Evalise, a smart bag insert.

Since then she’s helped build several startups, advised numerous others, managed global teams to launch new products that have generated millions of dollars in revenue, and led two ventures to successful acquisitions.

In 2019, her grandmother, Asha, was diagnosed with cancer. As Asha battled cancer in India, the rest of her family battled the difficult question of how to care for her while living on the opposite side of the world.

With the surprisingly limited number of remote care solutions on the market, and even fewer that cater to non-tech savvy elders, Joshi realized there was an opportunity to create a more intuitive solution through the use of technology. Asha AI was founded with the mission of connecting family members to each other and to care.

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